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Get an Unlimited Inflight WiFi Plan for Just $10

US Mobile launches an Unlimited inflight WiFi plan so that you can lower your phone bill even more! We’ll give you access to 60+ million hotspots in 120+ countries and 35+ million hotspots just here in the US. With the WiFi plan on your phone or laptop, you can connect to hotspots located almost everywhere on the ground and in the sky on the 20 leading airlines, including Delta, American Airlines, and Virgin America.

Why is US Mobile Offering Global WiFi?

At US Mobile, we’re always trying to improve our service. Really we do. This is why we, on a regular basis, ask for feedback from our customers. We know that customers are using more and more data. And it tends to be the biggest expense on a cell phone bill these days. Actually, according to a recent study by Ericsson, the average smartphone user will consume 8.9 GB of data per month by 2021.

In our latest customer survey, we were asked to make data more affordable. We decided to build an Inflight WiFi plan on the world’s largest global WiFi network.

“With more than 35 million hotspots in the US, customers can basically use our Wi-Fi plans everywhere; airports, trains, hotels, cafes, outdoors, etc.,” said US Mobile’s Founder & CEO, Ahmed Khattak. “Customers will also enjoy in-flight connectivity on all the major airlines at a more affordable price than what the airlines and other comparative services are offering.

This Unlimited Wi-Fi plan is a game-changer when you travel abroad. Instead of paying for international roaming, which can be quite costly, you have a whole network of hotspots ready to be used anywhere in the world.”

The Unlimited Inflight WiFi Plan

Our new offer includes a $10 Unlimited Inflight WiFi Plan. You pay a flat fee for unlimited WiFi, which you can use in the US and abroad, in the sky and on the ground. Here is how you lower your cell phone plan in a few minutes:

  1. Go to our WiFi plans page or your personal dashboard and order the Global Inflight WiFi plan.
  2. Download our partner’s app and get instant access: iTunes  – GooglePlay
  3. Activate with just “one-click” on any device.

The Inflight WiFi plan gives you get unlimited data without having to spend time finding a free hotspot. You don’t even have to enter credentials to connect. It’s very convenient as it automatically connects you and uses three security layers to keep your privacy safe.

Switch Seamlessly Between Networks

The app allows you to automatically connect to the best hotspot based on your usage needs. It uses advanced analytics to identify and rate access points. The access points are based on factors such as signal strength, speed, bandwidth availability, and connection success rate. A self-learning algorithm continuously improves its knowledge of global WiFi networks, allowing the app to select the most optimal network in real-time.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new addition!

Unlimited WiFi Inflight

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