Unlimited Premium Data on Warp 5G!

Unlimited Premium Data on Warp 5G!

Prioritized data is here. All customers on our Warp 5G network on 5G devices — regardless of plan — will have access to Unlimited Premium Data.

That means each byte of data you use on a 5G device on our Unlimited All, Unlimited Bundle, Pooled, and Custom Plans will be prioritized — even on your 4G LTE fallback. And we have decided to offer this at no additional cost.

There are very, very few carriers outside of the major networks that have access to premium data, which means that when you’re in a congested area along with other people on the same network, you may be deprioritized.

Some of our customers may have noticed over the past few weeks that this was happening less frequently. That’s because all of our Warp 5G customers on 5G devices have a higher Quality-of-Service Class Identifier (QCI) Value — which means less fighting with other people on other networks for your data.

Premium Data isn’t a silver bullet — it won’t magically solve your coverage issues if network infrastructure in your area isn’t available. In fact, even our CEO, Ahmed Khattak, — who heads from Connecticut into our NYC headquarters every day — will occasionally stumble into areas that have limited coverage.

That said, this change — along with the expanded bandwidth available on our Warp 5G network — should continue to dramatically improve our customers’ wireless experience. We made an early bold bet by investing into our Warp 5G network, and this is just the start.

Thank you to all of our customers including Stetson Doggett, who have helped us test our Unlimited Premium Data offering (who posted this video today on this update)!

If you check out the video, his side-by-side speed tests are probably the best way to convince you to come try out our network if you’ve been on Cricket, AT&T, or another network.

We still have a little more work to do to make Premium Data available to our 4G customers as well, but that should be coming in the next few weeks 

Happy Connecting!


  1. Hello. Can you clarify whether 5G devices that only support low-band/DSS 5G (such as A51 5G, S20 FE 5G etc.) also get priority data or whether C-Band support is a requirement?

    Also, if I initially activated on a 4G device and simply took out the SIM and placed it in 5G device, will it get priority data or does the line need to be activated on suitable 5G device?

    Finally, on a pooled plan, can you mix and match 4G and 5G devices attached to the pool and still get priority data on 5G device?

    1. Hey Rahul! The line needs to be on a 5G device to use priority data. This includes low-band 5G.

  2. 1. Some older devices such as A51 5G, A71 5G, S20 FE 5G etc can support low-band/DSS 5G. Are they eligible for the prioritized data? Or does device need to have C-Band ?

    2. What if you originally activated on 4G device and moved SIM to newer 5G device? Do you get prioritized data or do you need to get a new SIM and re-activate?

    3. Is there any visual indicator in Dashboard to check if we are getting prioritized data on any particular line?

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