Connect in more places — Wi-Fi Calling is now on Warp 5G!

Connect in more places — Wi-Fi Calling is now on Warp 5G!

We’re extremely excited to announce that WiFi Calling will be rolling out to all Unlimited All and Pooled Plan customers beginning today.

WiFi Calling has been the most requested feature by our customers bar none. And it’s easy to understand why.

Our Warp 5G network (formerly Super LTE) offers up incredible coverage options — 4G and 5G speeds across the country — for our customers. And with eSIMs on our network, our customers have the option of adding coverage instantly from multiple networks to their device using both physical and virtual SIMs.

But by enabling WiFi Calling on your device, our coverage improves again. Every US Mobile customer can now make & take calls and send & receive texts using WiFi, even if your phone has no cellular reception or bars. That dramatically changes how our customers should think about coverage.

WiFi Calling also transforms your traveling experience — you can now use WiFi Calling to call and text while abroad using your number with no extra charges, international roaming for free! And if you’re on a flight and need to log in with 2FA to your bank (or to your US Mobile app), you can just use your in-flight WiFi to connect on the go.

You can call and text from that dead zone in the back office or that tricky corner at home — and best of all, you can seamlessly transition to our 4G LTE and Warp 5G networks when you are back in a coverage area.

As for our Bundled and Custom plan customers on our Warp 5G network, expect to see WiFi Calling come online soon. We know how vital this functionality is for our customers to make calls, so we aimed to push it out as soon as we could make it available.

Happy Connecting,

UPDATE (3/16): WiFi Calling is rolling out over the next 24 hrs on Bundled and Custom Plans!