US Mobile Series A2 fundraising round

Announcing our Series A2 Funding Round

We’ve raised $19.5MM to scale US Mobile’s next-generation connectivity platform and connect the next billion devices.

US Mobile has a simple mission: to democratize connectivity.

Almost seven years ago, I saw a real opportunity for a company to use technology to solve a really hard engineering problem. The network infrastructure improvements, representing over $700B in CAPEX investments, made by the incumbent wireless network operators were going to be truly revolutionary — with connectivity being the driver of landmark technologies such as IoT, autonomous driving, and edge computing. But this infrastructure would struggle to meet the needs of the next generation of consumers and devices without a unique software layer to connect the two that’s accessible, flexible, and fast.

To that end, the company has come far in building that intermediary tech stack and in the process, has truly become a next-generation wireless carrier. We have built a programmatic, device-agnostic software layer — with a dynamic UI, an AI/ML-driven predictive metering engine built natively in the cloud, and an API-layer that lets our customers build on top of it — that leverages a best-in-class 5G network to deliver the industry’s most customizable and competitive plans.

“We envision US Mobile becoming the most disruptive leader in the mobile industry — spurred by constant investment into the sector’s most engaging customer experience,”

Larry Cheng, Managing Partner at Volition Capital.

The pandemic exposed how vital connectivity has become to the ways in which we live our lives, run our businesses, and teach our children. And the simple fact remains that connectivity today remains out of reach for far too many.

“US Mobile has executed remarkably well, getting to tens of millions in revenue with minimal external investment. Ahmed and the entire team have grit, did not give up in the early years, and have proven they can execute during tough times.”

Ali Moiz, founder at

That’s why we have doubled down on our mission of reshaping the future of connectivity. I’m thrilled to announce that US Mobile has raised $19.5MM in Series A2 funding, led by our partners at Volition Capital. With this investment, this brings our aggregate Series A raise to over $30MM — just 9 months after our initial Series A round.

In addition, our Series A round includes strategic investment from a hand-selected group of investors and operators, including Ali Moiz, founder at; Ahmed Kaishgi, founder and former CEO of SquareTrade; Brian Goldsmith, co-founder at Avenue Growth Partners; Andrew Wilkinson & Jeremy Giffon, co-founder and General Partner at Tiny Capital; and James Beshara, an influential startup investor, founder, and podcaster.

US Mobile is to cell phone plans what Uber was to taxis. A user experience for today’s consumer with savings to match. Most of all, a dedicated passionate team that knows building a business is about executing a little bit better everyday.”

Ahmed Kaishgi, founder at SquareTrade.

With this funding, US Mobile is poised to build on the incredible progress from last year. In 2021, we dramatically overshot our targets — achieving record YoY revenue and subscriber growth. We more than doubled our ARR (annual recurring revenue) from $18MM to $38MM in 2021 — and are rapidly closing in on $50MM. We saw close to a 100% percent increase in our total subscribers, a 102% increase in gross subscriber additions, and a 212% increase in starter kit sales.

Along the way, we strategically scaled headcount across our Product and Engineering teams and welcomed a new CTO, Keith Weinberg, who brings a wealth of experience, scaling Teladoc Health from 12 developers to a $10B company over the last 6 years.

And perhaps, most crucially, we launched the country’s fastest 5G speeds and a new eSIM activation experience on our network, moves that have dramatically improved our positioning in an increasingly fierce competitive landscape.

“US Mobile reminded me of the first time I used an iPhone. I remember thinking ‘there isn’t anything even close to this ease of use and functionality on the market.’ [US Mobile] is nailing what all the best companies aim to nail — and that is building exactly what a consumer wants… It’s rare when you start to use a product and start silently thanking the technology gods that someone has finally built what you always wanted.”

James Beshara

With the latest round of support from our investors, US Mobile will continue to upscale our platform in order to lead our industry. Home broadband and fixed wireless represent huge opportunities to bridge the digital divide and bring connectivity to underserved markets. We are preparing to introduce a B2B wireless subscription-as-a-service product to deliver connectivity as a benefit to employees or to your business’s own customers. And with the technological tailwinds of eSIM and similar technologies, we are well on our way to allowing every customer in America to test out service on our network with a few clicks.

We are always looking for talented individuals with a passion for connectivity to join us on our mission. Please check out our careers page to learn more or check out this video to see what it’s like to work at US Mobile.