How to Unlock Your Phone from Any Carrier

Unlock Your Phone from Any Carrier instructions

While many phone manufacturers sell their phones unlocked, meaning that they can be used on multiple different networks such as US Mobile, T-Mobile, and Virgin Mobile.  Many carriers “lock” the phones they sell to their network. What does this mean? It means you’re locked to the carrier you bought the phone from until you unlock it.

For example, if you bought your phone from AT&T  you’re on a plan with them now, but looking to switch to another carrier like US Mobile or T-Mobile you’ll find it’s not as easy as swapping SIM cards. You first have to go through a few hoops to get your phone unlocked. But once you get it phone unlocked you can go to any compatible carrier you want!

So here’s a simplified guide on how to free yourself from your carrier restrictions.



Surprisingly, despite using CDMA technology, most of Verizon’s phones come unlocked! Verizon claims that all their 4G LTE phones (which use a SIM card) are all unlocked and there is no code or process to take it over to another carrier.

We personally tried this out on an iPhone 6 and were able to use a US Mobile SIM card without any issues.


AT&T is Before doing anything you must meet these requirements:

  1. You must be a current or former AT&T subscriber.
  2. The device in question must be from AT&T.
  3. It must not have been reported lost or stolen.
  4. It must be attached to an account with “good standing” — i.e., one not associated with fraudulent activity.
  5. It must have been active or at least 60 days with “no past due or unpaid balance.”
  6. You’ve made fewer than five unlock requests in a single year.

If you clear all of the above, head over to the AT&T website and fill out their device unlock form. After that, you’ll need to wait up to five business days for the instructions to arrive via email. While AT&T doesn’t unlock phones over the phone, you can call their support line at 1-800-331-0500 for help.


Like Verizon, Spring uses an older CDMA technology which may limit where you can take your phone to after you unlock it. Despite the shared technology, Sprint’s phones are mostly incompatible with Verizon’s service (depending on the phone). Sprint claims that their newer SIM-based phones that launched February  2015 automatically unlock themselves once they become eligible.

If you want to check to see if you can unlock your device you can speak to a Staples Customer Service rep through an online chat or via a call to (888) 211-4727 (*2 from a Sprint device).


Before doing anything you must meet these requirements:
  1. The device must be from T-Mobile.
  2. It must not have been reported lost or stolen.
  3. It must be attached to an account with “good standing.”
  4. It must have been active at least 40 days on the requesting line.
  5. If the device is on a service contract, at least 18 consecutive monthly payments must have been made.
  6. You’ve made fewer than two unlock requests per line in a single year.

Once you clear all those requirements you can use T-Mobile’s Mobile Device Unlock app to complete the unlocking process. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can unlock your phone through a live chat with a T-Mobile customer representative, or by calling 1-800-746-0949 (or 611) from a T-Mobile device.

To make it even easier, when you switch to US Mobile we can unlock your phone for you for $15, which is refunded after 6 months of being a US Mobile customer.

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