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Introducing our New Unlimited Premium Plan & Free Trials!

Two new Unlimited plans

Over the past few months, US Mobile has rapidly made advancements to our core Warp 5G network, from 5G mmWave and C-Band to WiFi Calling and Premium Data. Today, we’re introducing our new Unlimited Premium and Unlimited Basic plans, which let you take full advantage of the faster speeds, better reliability, and greater coverage — on a premier data plan.

Our Unlimited Premium plan offers up to 100GB of 5G Premium Data for as low as $30/line, while our Unlimited Basic plan offers up to 30GB of 5G Premium Data for as low as $20/line. Both plans will have reduced speeds after the data threshold.

And for all of our existing Unlimited All customers, you will stay on your existing plans — and if you reach out to our Product Support team, you can even reach out to add a line.

A truly premium plan

We have been listening carefully to our customers who have been asking for a truly premium plan. While our tech stack has provided unlimited flexibility for our customers to configure their plans for every possible use case, we wanted to introduce a product into the market that is truly best-in-class in every dimension.

That’s why our Unlimited Premium plan also comes with 5G mmWave (on top of C-Band, which is included free on all of our plans), 50GB of Hotspot data, multiline perks, and up to 10GB of international data roaming. 

Whether you’re building out Silicon Valley’s next 5G tech start-up or setting up hotspot on your kids’ iPads for the family road trip this summer, this option offers you the freedom to choose a plan without having to worry about whether there’s something better out there.

Unlimited Premium Data plan comparison

CarrierUS Mobile Unlimited PremiumT-Mobile Magenta MAXAT&T Unlimited ExtraVerizon 5G Play More
Monthly Cost$45$90$75$80
Premium DataYesYesYesYes
5G mmWaveYesNoYesYes
High-Speed Hotspot Data50 GB40 GB15 GB25 GB
Free International Data10 GB Worldwide5 GB in Mexico & CanadaUnlimited at 2G speeds in Mexico & Canada0.5 GB per day in Mexico & Canada

Our new Free Trial program

For those of you who are newer to US Mobile, we are also announcing another big change to our platform. Our new Free Trial program is rolling out today on our Warp 5G network — if you’re a new customer, you can now enjoy up to 10 days of service on our Unlimited Basic plan for free.

10 days of Warp 5G speeds. 10 days of 5G Premium Data. And 10 days on the country’s best carrier.

I mentioned back in January with the roll-out of 5G C-Band that US Mobile is leading the industry with our network innovations. Today’s announcement is another commitment to leading the industry by changing expectations around the customer experience.

You shouldn’t have to deal with weeks of fighting with a customer experience representative only to realize that the service you get is sub-par. With eSIM and Free Trials, you can now test out US Mobile’s network in an instant — and then decide what plan you want going forward. By the way, before long you won’t even need to make the decision on your own — imagine being automatically switched to the best plan for you based on your usage history through US Mobile’s own Autopilot AI. Coming Soon!

These changes represent a seismic shift in our business here at US Mobile and at a time when other businesses might be thinking of pulling back, we are even more bullish on investing in our customers by bringing you new products and experiences. Thank you for choosing US Mobile.

Happy Connecting!

Legacy vs New Unlimited Plans

For those looking for a direct comparison between our legacy Unlimited All plans and
the new Unlimited plans, we’ve got a rundown for you below. With our updated plans,
you’ll get more data and better features at a lower cost!

US Mobile Unlimited plans old vs new