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The best online shop you still haven’t visited

You are returning home from the office at 10 pm and decide to shop for a phone to replace the one that broke yesterday, however, you are greeted with a closed sign on the shop. You decide to roam around the neighborhood to check out other mobile phone shops, but it blew your mind when you find all of them shut down. The reason is simple. It is very rare to find a mobile phone shop open at such late hours.  Frustrating, isn’t it?

Or maybe, you walk into a mobile store and are shown a variety of phones. But you are unable to shortlist a few with the specifications, requirements, and prices according to your needs. Eventually, you leave the store irritated. Sounds relatable?

We know such situations drive you up the wall. Therefore, we have for you our very own US Mobile Online Shop!!!!!

 Are you wondering how this does not sound exciting enough to add those many exclamation marks with it? Let us tell you, it is something you have always been looking for. Here’s why:

Our online shop is open for you 24/7 during the entire year. We do not hang a “closed” sign during late hours or take leaves for Christmas or Thanksgiving. You can easily place an order with us at any time of the day and we will process your order with open arms.

US Mobile online shop

Moreover, you can apply filters to narrow down the choices and help yourself decide the phone that best suits your needs.  We have a variety of phones ranging from budget-friendly options to your dearest iPhones. And guess what? All of them are fully unlocked!

You can click on the phone you like to read up more on the phone specifications. It instantly answers your unasked questions as to which US Mobile sim card would the phone be compatible with: Super LTE or GSM LTE. And if there are any other additional questions you might have, you know where to find our customer support.

This means phones purchased from our online shop can be easily used with any carrier of your choice, without having to go through the trouble of getting it unlocked from us. We are a carrier that is absolutely contract-free.

One thing that really agitates a customer is the delivery charges additional to anything they purchase online. An upset customer is surely not a sight of pleasure for US Mobile. So, we worked towards eliminating the cause of distress and now we deliver our phones ordered through our online platform free of any delivery charges within the US!

We know you are happy to know all this, but we want you to be delighted. Along with the free delivery, there is something more that we send along complimentary with your phone order. And that is our US Mobile Starter kit worth $3.99. We always look forward to you joining our US Mobile family. Therefore, a complimentary US Mobile starter kit is the least we could do.

Super LTE nand GSM LTE in starter kit

But what if you are not satisfied with the phone you purchased from our online shop? No worries, we‘ve got you covered. We will be glad to refund you the amount within 14 days for the phone purchase as per our return policy. Seems like a great risk-free platform to purchase your phone from right?

Also, you can always be on the lookout for amazing deals and discounts on the plans that US Mobile frequently offers, which you can avail by purchasing phones through our online shop. So, we make sure you continually benefit by joining us and not just once while purchasing the phone.

We believe we were able to justify the exclamation marks we placed with our US Mobile online shop!!!! So what are you waiting for? Go visit our US Mobile online shop here and get the phone of your choice.