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Visual Voicemail: Receiving voicemail made easier

Voicemail is a feature that we use every single day of our lives. Considering the usefulness and utility of the feature, it is highly underestimated. Basic voicemail is a fantastic option, however, there is an update of voicemail that a fair amount of people are not aware of – visual voicemail.

Visual voicemail allows you to check and listen to voicemail messages you receive in any order. You can scroll through them in your time, pick and choose the ones you wish to listen to, and delete them through just a few taps on the screen of your device.

The origins of visual Voicemail can be traced back to 2007. YouMail was the first third-party visual voicemail service for mobile phones. It stored Voicemail in the cloud instead of the carrier of the device, and it also provided access to users through email or a web browser. YouMail extended this functionality over time to iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android platforms too. Today, various other phone system vendors are also offering these features to internal voicemail users. A significant development occurred in 2010 when Google Voice became available to use for Visual Voicemail on Google’s Android platform. Furthermore, Visual Voicemail is also available as an application on iPhone devices.

Visual Voicemail: Receiving voicemail made easier

Does it sound pretty cool so far? Hold tight, it only gets even better from here. Other features of visual voicemail include the option to respond to messages through a text message or a call, on-screen access to viewing the status of messages, and lastly, you can always opt for instant playback access to your voice messages through the tap of just a button. 

The coolest feature of visual voicemail, however, has yet to be introduced. The notifications feature. Whenever someone leaves you a message, you will get a notification for it through a pop on your device. You will never need to go through the hassle of checking to see if anyone left you a voicemail – visual voicemail will do the work for you!

Have you always wanted to leave a personalized message for your friends and family? That is where visual voicemail comes into the picture. Instead of playing the standardized voicemail message, you can record a message happily greeting all the people you love, letting them know how they can potentially get in touch with you during the time of an emergency, or crack a joke to crack a smile on someone’s face!

Also, are you one of those people who find it annoying to listen to an entire voicemail message? Do you prefer for people to text you instead so that you can immediately know what they need to contact you about? No worries, visual voicemail is here to the rescue. It offers the feature to transcribe all of your voicemail messages. You won’t need to spend minutes catching up to all your messages, instead, a few moments out of your day is all you will need. 

Visual Voicemail: Receiving voicemail made easier

Every carrier out there does not offer visual voicemail. So, you need to look around and pick and choose carefully as this is a feature you are likely to be better off with. If you are currently exploring a carrier with visual voicemail, you are in luck.

US Mobile offers visual voicemail on its Super LTE network, and just recently, it began offering it on the GSM network too! On both the GSM and the Super LTE network, visual voicemail is available on both Android and iOS devices (on the GSM network – iOS 14.5 or higher!).

The condition for this, though, is that visual voicemail is available on GSM SIM cards shipped from 9th June onwards. So, in case you are on the GSM network and are interested in visual voicemail – go ahead and order a SIM card to make your life a lot easier! Once you receive the SIM card, you can reach out to the support team who will perform a SIM swap to transfer your number from your current GSM SIM card to your new one. If you are a potential new customer, look no further – you know where to go from here!

Visual voicemail is a gateway to saving time and convenience. After a recent update, US Mobile now offers it on both networks. Use the FREESIM promo code, and get started by ordering your starter kit. Better now than never.