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US Mobile Speeds manual

Since our founding in 2015, we’ve always been committed to providing different speed options, and transparency into the speed options that users can get from our networks. Whether it’s helping our users save money by giving them options to choose the best speeds for themselves, or giving users more control over how their data is used, our team is always working to provide data that will help make the internet better and faster for everyone.

US Mobile’s Speeds

We created this guide to give you an idea of what different data speeds will mean for you on our Custom plans, Unlimited bundles, and Unlimited All plans.

Keep in mind that speeds are “up to” and that the max speeds you get will depend on what device you have, where you are, and how many towers there are close to you. This is easier to picture if compare data speeds to a car’s speed. You could have a fast exotic sports car, and its speed will still depend on things like traffic, speed limits, the type of road you’re driving on, or if you’re breaking the law (in our case our terms). This is how our internet speeds work as well. Here are the different speeds that are available throuhg US Mobile.

Warp Speed ⚡️

Gives you access to 5G speeds. The maximum recorded speed for 5G in the real world was approximately 1.13 Gbps. You can stream movies, chat in HD with no lag, game in razor-sharp quality, and download things near-instantly.

The speeds you get will be the fastest speed our networks can deliver to your device wherever 5G is available. Warp speed is included with Ludicrous. Learn more about how it does that on our 5G plans page.

Ludicrous 🚀

Gets you maximum speeds on our networks using 4G LTE. Speeds usually go up to 200Mbps, but some of our users have reported speeds that are 400 Mbps +. You can get access to these max speeds with a $5 bump in your plan.

Fast 🏎

Gets you speeds up to 5 Mbps. You can stream music and videos in High definition. Comes included with all our Unlimited All plans.

Standard 🐇

With 1 Mbps you can stream music and standard definition video, make regular video calls, browse the internet and catch up on social media. However, this speed may not be great for high definition video streaming or high speed applications like gaming.

Speeds on US Mobile Plans

Speeds on custom plans and unlimited bundles

Our unlimited bundles and custom plans come with Ludicrous and Warp Speed included wherever available.

Speeds on Unlimited All plans

Our Unlimited All Plan comes with unlimited data at Ludicrous and Warp speeds wherever available with no caps.

Which speed is right for me? Speeds at a Glance

If you’re someone who streams music, browses the web, and checks social media – our Fast speeds are good options. If you like to stream videos and want lag-free gaming Ludicrous and Warp speeds may be best.

Here’s a table highlighting what you can and cannot do with the the different types of speeds.

Web Most pages load in seconds.Pages load instantly.Pages load instantly.Pages load instantly.
Social Media
Videos & images load in a few seconds.Videos & images load instantly.Videos & images load instantly.Videos & images load instantly.
Music Apps take <1 minute to load. Music streams easilyAudio will download and play instantly.Audio will download and play instantly.Stream & download albums in seconds.

 Here is a table showing you the estimated time it will take to do different types of activities at speeds at Standard, Fast or Ludicrous speeds.

Downloading an app ~ 40 MB5 minutes 20 seconds1 minute 4 seconds1.6 seconds
Downloading a Netflix episode ~ 240 MB32 minutes6 minutes 24 minutes9.6 seconds

You may be wondering why the download times don’t exactly match up with the speeds. For example, why does it take 5 minutes to download a 40 MB app at 1Mbps? It’s because the standard unit of speed is measured in bits. File sizes are represented in Bytes. One Byte is comprised of eight bits. You could read more about it here.