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US Mobile is not cheap

We don’t want to be the cheapest

We’re not a discount carrier, and we’re not interested in being that. It’s a slippery slope to the bottom that leads to cutting corners in all the wrong places. We want to be the best carrier out there that’s raising your expectations about what connectivity should be—and this has consequentially led us to also have the best plans without any of the compromises. We’re building something we can be proud of.

Building an amazing experience

One of the cornerstones of US Mobile is a fantastic customer experience. While others consider customer support as a cost center, we treat it like an investment. From handpicked support specialists to the custom-built framework of tools that empower them, we’re always going above and beyond to make sure that our customers feel as if they’re being treated like family (minus the discussions about politics at Thanksgiving).

Most recently, we developed our own integrated framework for chat, email, and phone support all in one place just so that our users can talk to us seamlessly from any channel. You could email us a question about your line at 3 am and get an answer specifically for you within 10 minutes. You could ask us a follow-up question over chat or via SMS without any context and we’ll pick up that conversation where it was left off. Our chat solution, as a stand-alone product, already rivals every other chat solution out there. And those companies have hundreds of millions in investment money to do that.

Investing in our tech stack

That’s precisely how we approach everything else at US Mobile. Whether it’s something like chat, usage analytics, or even something as small as haptic feedback for usage alerts through the app we care very deeply about every little thing. For example, to make usage data appear without lag we built an entirely new multi-stage data pipeline. Would users have tolerated a 2-3 second lag? Probably (because our customers still love us, I hope). However, it’s not something we tolerate. It’s a bad user experience, and it creates something called technical debt.

Technical debt is essentially the cost of not doing something right the first time. If we didn’t spend the few extra months building that new data pipeline, and just relied on the old one, we wouldn’t be able to quickly build other features around usage, like plan recommendations, AutoPilot AI, or Auto Top-Ups. We would have to rebuild our data infrastructure again and again. That’s why whenever we build something we future proof it by investing in cutting-edge technology, and having amazing people build it. Some of the smartest people I know actually. Have a look at our company LinkedIn profile.

Better plans without the compromise

I mean whoever waits on their Telco to release the next thing? Wells that’s exactly what our users wait for. In 2020 – our engineering and product team deployed 100+ significant releases. We are hard at work to figure out how we can add even more value. For example, we’re working to make perks available to people on the custom plans—just like our perks on the unlimited plans where we pay for pretty much all of your entertainment needs from Netflix to PS Plus on our unlimited plans.

This approach has a cost associated with it. And we completely understand and respect people not choosing us for not having rock-bottom prices. Luckily there are plenty of companies out there for that. However, a great product and the “cheapest” product are usually inversely proportional. We know that investments now will drive long-term success that we can share with our users via better plans, more helpful features, and an overall amazing connectivity experience.