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What is VoLTE, and why is it important for my phone?

Voice over LTE, or VoLTE for short, is the way with which our mobile phones and carriers send our voices during a call, so it makes sense to help our customers understand what this feature is and why it is essential for your phone. Setting this feature up on your device is exceptionally simple and definitely worth your time with the suitable carrier and device.

What is VoLTE?

Voice over LTE ensures that no disruption is experienced as the network evolves. Through this, you can enjoy seamless service in the future. It is also known as HD Voice and is a technology that enables voice calling over 4G. It allows users to stay on the 4G network during voice calls and have an uninterrupted high-speed 4G internet experience.

Also, you can experience HD quality crystal clear voice with a faster call setup time. Without it, your phone must drop back to 2G and 3G during voice calls. Voice over LTE calls will be charged as any other 2G and 3G voice calls. There are no additional data charges, only an improved calling experience.

Why is VoLTE Important?

With Voice over LTE, the quality of call improves as it enables High Definition (HD) voice that makes it sound as though you are talking face to face. Otherwise known as wideband audio, the HD voice feature mainly uses a more extensive recurrence range than narrowband voice administrations. This helps with background noise reduction and improves the caller’s voice quality simultaneously – a difference both the caller and the receiver can feel.

Callers would now be able to experience a higher quality when making calls overall. With its superior call quality, customers can have better conversations. For businesses, better call quality will save time for representatives and increase their effectiveness.

Calls connect quicker than usual with Voice over LTE. It takes more time to establish the connection needed to set up a call for voice calls using 2G and 3G networks that are being phased out slowly. However, with this, the connection is set up quicker, saving time and giving you an overall higher quality calling experience.

How can you use VoLTE?

VolTE pathway
VolTE pathway

The setting is a toggle in the main settings under Cellular, then Cellular Data Options on an iPhone whereas on Androids you can find it under mobile networks known as VoLTE / HD Voice/ Enhanced calling. You might notice that when you change this selection, the network indicator on the phone resets automatically. The option will be in the connections section in the phone’s settings on many newer Samsung phones. On other phones such as those from OnePlus, it’s very similar to the option under Wi-Fi & network category.

What is VoLTE, and why is it important for my phone?

A few things need to be present for it to be used, including having a good LTE connection on a tower that supports this feature. You will also be needing a device that supports it. We advise our customers joining our Super LTE and GSM LTE network to have VoLTE/ HD Voice/ Enhanced Calling present on the device so that their service works efficiently.

If you have any more questions about this feature, you can always reach out to us over chat, call, or email and we would be happy to help you out!