10 reasons why Apple is better than Android

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Being amongst the top giants in the field of smart devices, Apple and Samsung have made their mark in the world with their innovative gadgets and new technology. With the rolling out of their new flagship phones every year, it is no surprise to see that they have a large market dedicated to purchasing their products and updating them along the way.

When top corporations like them go head to head against each other and bring out various models like the standard, plus, and pro; and give the users choices between iOS and Android operating systems;  one begins to wonder which of the two to go towards considering the number of options available is now increasing. However, it does not come as a surprise that Apple’s iOS takes the lead in this one. Here’s why:

iPhones are User Friendly

Despite the popular belief that Androids are easy to use, iPhones are far better when it comes to usage since they haven’t pretty much changed their layout in all these years. Whether it’s an old user coming back to iPhone or a new user looking to switch, they can easily navigate through even with new innovations like Siri and the control center helping out.

Apple gets the new applications first than the rest

Since Apple has a large market share and is known for its versatile yet fast operating system, developers prefer to launch their apps and high-end games first on iOS and then on traditional Androids. The reason being that since Apple has a large following, developers like to see the success of their apps be prominent.

Another reason is that they are known for their secure and thorough screening process. Not everyone gets to launch their applications on the App Store. Hence, getting the approval and clearing the process is a big deal.

iOS are in sync with each other

One of their selling points is that all of its products are in sync with each other. This means that whether you have your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or wearing an iwatch, your data and contacts will always be with you while connected through the iCloud and it will keep on syncing in every device as you make changes in one. If you like, you can even use features like calls and texts on one and it will be connected through all.

Built-in features like iMessage and FaceTime

The fact that iOS users don’t need a third-party application to send messages or conduct an audio/ video call over the internet is what makes them stand out. Applications and features like iMessage and FaceTime give an opportunity to the users to stay connected with others. The only catch here is that others need to be iOS users as well.

iOS and Android Updates

The likelihood of having a Samsung device run for a few years without any hiccups is low. This is mainly because an android system update targets a limited number of devices ranging from flagship Samsung devices to mid-range models leaving a lot of old model users hanging since a lot of applications also depend on these system updates to run. On the other hand, an iOS update targets Apple device models back to a few years which increases their usability.

10 reasons why Apple is better than Android

Apple’s Trade-in policy

Recently, Apple came up with a policy of trade-in for their devices at their physical stores open at a lot of locations. What this means is that if you have any old iOS device, you can easily give that in and get a new one by paying the difference. This makes it a lot easier for many Apple users to update their devices without thinking about the cost and expenses.

Apple has strict privacy laws in place

Privacy and security in a world where everything is connected with technology is a big concern. The biggest evidence to the claim that Apple’s security and privacy laws are strict can be seen through the recent conflict between them and the FBI where they refused to cooperate with the FBI as it could endanger the lives of millions of users around the world.

iPhone/ iPad does not have extra baggage

When activating a new device, it is not unusual to see iPhones and iPads having fewer built-in apps than an Android device whose built-in applications take up to 2-3 menu pages. Thus, taking up a lot of internal space which is already limited. This is because Apple leaves the choice of apps to the users to select and install apps on their own as per their preferences.

iOS has their own unique interface

Contrary to the popular involvement of Google with Android running most Samsung devices through an acquisition and partnership, Apple has its unique user interface in the form of iTunes, Apple ID, App Store, Apple TV, iCloud, and many more. They do not need to partner with any other company to make their product better.

iPhones have a class of its own

Owning an Apple device gives you a feeling of pure class and elegance. It has a feeling of its own which is unmatchable from a Samsung device.

10 reasons why Apple is better than Android

There is no right or wrong answer as to which company of the two is better suited for an individual. However, if you are looking for a clear answer then Apple is the best choice and the way to go!

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