Super LTE to Warp Speed 5G—a whole new way to connect

Super LTE to Warp Speed 5G—a whole new way to connect

We are extremely excited to announce that our customers will now have full access to the entire spectrum of 5G — including low, medium, and high-band connectivity — on our Warp Speed 5G network.

Starting today, all of our customers on the Super LTE network — from those on Unlimited All plans to Custom Bundles to Pooled Plans — will have access to Warp Speed 5G at no additional cost. Warp Speed 5G will initially be available on select 5G-eligible devices in certain areas (the coverage zones this time around are pretty wide-ranging — check them out here.)

By making Warp Speed 5G available to all of our customers on Super LTE, we are doubling down on our decision to give our customers first access to the building blocks of our connected future (Just as in our Warp Speed 5G BETA Release — when our customers were able to test out 5G mmWave on our network).

So why is Warp Speed 5G no longer in BETA?

US Mobile is one of the first major carriers to give our customers access to 5G C-Band, which are a range of mid-band frequencies newly dedicated to 5G devices. Unlike some of our peers, you won’t have to worry about fighting for data on congested frequencies — you’ll have your own personal lanes on a brand new highway.

We are bringing you the full-stack of next-generation 5G connectivity — 5G C-Band along with Ludicrous 5G (low-band) and mmWave 5G (high-band).

What makes Warp Speed 5G better?

What makes Warp Speed 5G special isn’t just its faster speeds. It’s the first wireless technology standard that takes full advantage of the radio spectrum. That means that carriers like US Mobile can aggregate these bands to offer you a single plan that adapts to your speed and coverage needs all on our very own Warp Speed 5G network.

More than just 5G

It’s not just about 5G. It’s about Multi-Access Edge Compute (formerly known as Mobile Edge Compute or MEC, with 5G enabling the “multi-access”). That means that the applications we run on our devices will be able to connect directly to data centers built into small cells and radio towers around the country — taking full advantage of the enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Ultra-Reliable Low Latency (URLL), and massive Machine-Type Communications (mMTC) available on Warp Speed 5G.

Driving Innovation forward

This new technology ecosystem is going to be the engine for many of the innovations that promise to shape how we connect with the world around us. It’s what Tesla needs to build the world’s first truly connected car. Or for Facebook (Meta?) to test out whatever they want to do with the Metaverse.

But that future starts today. Already, we expect to see a more reliable network experience for all of our customers, including:

  • Less congestion and better load balancing for talk, text, and data
  • Lower latency on all of your applications
  • And continuous operations for all of the above (brought to you by technologies like dynamic spectrum sharing, beamforming, and MIMO) 

This improved reliability will shape how we think about connectivity in our personal lives. When the US Mobile team was at CES, we were super excited to see new WiFi-6 routers built on top of 5G wireless networks. That means that, sooner or later, we plan to be more reliable than your local Internet Service Provider (and save you another chunk of your monthly bill along the way!)

Most importantly, we hope that today changes the way our customers think about US Mobile. Starting today, our customers should continue to expect being the first to try out the latest advances in connectivity.

Happy Connecting!