What is the Multi-Network Unlimited Plan and how can I enable it?


Multi-Network Unlimited Plan allows for Unlimited Plan lines to use the premium data allotment across our networks: WARP 5G and GSM 5G on a Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) supported device, for an additional line access charge ($15/month for beta).

How this works is you get 2 phone numbers, one on each of our networks. Both lines can be active at the same time, but depending on your phone, you might have to select one number as the default for calls, messages, and data. You have flexibility in your configuration options: you can use two eSIMs or a combination of one Physical SIM card and one eSIM.

The multi-network plan is currently in a closed beta, with plans to open it up to more customers later. To activate your Primary line with us on our Multi-Network Unlimited Plan, you'd need to reach out to our customer support and we'll get you enrolled in the beta.

Adding a Secondary Line

To add your secondary line to this plan, you'll be charged $15 and can include them in the Multi-Network Unlimited Plan with the $15 line access fee for additional lines, or prorated based on the remaining days in the Multi-Network Unlimited pool cycle.

You can add a line by clicking on Add New Line on your Multi-Network Unlimited pool page.

When you click on this, you will get options for adding any existing line to the pool, getting a new number if you want to activate a SIM card, or even transferring your number from any other carrier by activating a new SIM card.


What is a DSDS phone?

A DSDS (Dual SIM Dual Standby) phone is a type of mobile device that is designed to support two SIM cards simultaneously. This means that users can have two active phone numbers on a single device, allowing them to manage personal and business lines, or use separate lines for different purposes.

DSDS phones offer flexibility for users who need to manage multiple phone numbers on a single device.

Can I add lines at any time during the billing cycle?

Yes, lines can be added at any time. Line access fees are prorated based on the days remaining in the cycle.

Can I add lines from different devices?

For the multi-network beta, lines must remain on the same DSDS device.

Can I use international roaming on all lines?

International roaming is available on Warp for Canada/Mexico only and on GSM 5G lines in 180+ countries. Ensure your line is upgraded to the latest network in your dashboard.