$10 mobile phone plans!

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In the world of all-things-expensive, we bring you $10 mobile phone plans! When cell phones first hit the market they seemed to be an infeasible item to own. They were expensive and so were the plans available. Yet today, a cellphone is available in almost every household.

What seemed to be just a distant dream is now so common to us that we sometimes don’t realize how amazing this really is. Phone prices have gone down considerably compared to those in the past and phone plans are becoming more and more accessible to all of us. What we bring you today are affordable plans that will help you keep in touch with your loved ones without costing you an arm or leg!

Affordable Plans For Everyone

Now that phones are a necessity, several carriers and MVNOs have very affordable plans available to get us connected to the people we care about and we want you to check out those affordable $10 mobile phone plans so you can also benefit with these plans. Tello offers a 1GB data Unlimited Minutes and Free Texts plan for just $7.5 a month. Visible offers an Unlimited data, minutes and texts plan for just $40! Carriers like Red Pocket are offering deals that give you 3GB data and Unlimited Talk and Text for only $20 a month. Verizon even offers a $35 Unlimited data, talk and text plan if you have 4 lines with them. Amazing deals at amazing prices, right?

Our $10 Mobile Phone Plan

When it comes to offering affordable plans, US Mobile isn’t far from the mark either. Just take a look at our customs plans. They allow you to mix and match talk, text and data in amounts you can adjust till you get the perfect plan for yourself. We offer you your perfect mix, your usage and your requirements being met with our flexible plans is a dream come true. Some of them don’t even cost more than $10, affordable plans within your reach! Don’t believe me? Take a look at our Custom Unlimited Minutes and Text plan below.

$10 mobile phone plans!

Want Unlimited Minutes but no texts or data? We’ve got you covered with our Custom $8 Unlimited Minutes plan. Do you find calls annoying or time-consuming and only want to text your friends? No problem, you can go for our Custom $6 Unlimited Text plan, an affordable plan to suit your needs. You can add 50MB of data to it too for another $1.5 and you’d still have room for more. And if you ever run out we have the option to top it up as well, that too conveniently! There’s not much left to ask for now, is there?

$10 mobile phone plans!
$10 mobile phone plans!

We love the idea of giving our customers the power to choose exactly what they want in their plans. After all, not everyone wants ketchup with their fries. At US Mobile you’ll get to mix it up and add just the right amounts till you get the perfect sauce. If you feel like you want a heap of talk minutes with only a dash of texts and a bit of data sprinkled on top you can go right ahead and do just that! And to top it all off, it would still come under $10 mobile phone plans!

$10 mobile phone plans!

We all have different tastes regardless of whether or not we’re in the same country or state. At US Mobile we recognize that everyone has their own palate and that our customers should have the power to tailor their plans to suit theirs. If you need some help with creating a custom plan and cut down your phone bill we would be more than happy to give you a hand with our affordable $10 mobile phone plans, so what are you waiting for? Check out our custom plans and build your own perfect plan now.

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