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10 incredible things that US Mobile offers

We truly believe US Mobile is something you should definitely give a shot. Yes, we do sound inclined during this entire article, but for all the right reasons. As an MVNO, where we save up by partnering with large carriers, we make sure those savings are passed on to you!  We are confident you will cherish every moment with us enjoying the best services, wide coverage at affordable prices.

Still not convinced? Feel free to devour this article to know about what US Mobile offers.

How to keep your wallet happy with US Mobile Family plans

Having an affordable phone plan for your family can be a stumbling block when you’re in a jam with ever-increasing monthly expenditures Each additional penny you spend makes you think twice if it was even worth it?

At US Mobile, we are always here to help you keep your head above water with our Family plans. The good news being it is pocket-friendly! With each additional line you bring in, the price will reduce to as low as $25 per line, while still letting you enjoy unlimited talk, text and data. Still skeptical? Well, how about you read about our Family plans here to unlock more surprises that come along with it.

Master the art of smart savings through US Mobile Pool Plans

It could be an uphill battle to decide on a mobile plan that helps you save and utilize services based exactly on your needs. While the US Mobile family plans does come with multiple perks and benefits, it could still be costly for you to pay for the unlimited data you rarely use. We always curate our plans keeping in mind how you can save and get the maximum value possible.

Therefore, we are excited to introduce our newly launched Pool Plans! A plan that uniquely allows you to consolidate all your lines in a pool with shared data usage. Also, you only pay for the data that collectively fulfils your family’s requirements thereby helping you save every penny you can! So why pay for unused data?

US Mobile also sell Mobile Phones

What are we called? US Mobile!

What do we offer? Network services!

Do we offer mobile phones? Of course, we do!

We do to live up to our name and bring forth for you all, a US mobile shop, for you to enjoy an exciting assortment of unlocked phones! You can look at some phone options that are dependable but will not break your bank by visiting our US Mobile shop here. And of course, we know how much you adore the iPhone. Therefore, we have a variety of unlocked and compatible iPhones in store too! And guess what? You get a free starter kit along with the purchase of a phone from our shop.

The Risk-Free Plan to Trust

Your friend at work introduced you to US Mobile and you are conflicted whether to give us a chance or not? Why get worked up when we have got you covered there! We do believe our services are the right fit for your needs and light on your wallet, but we still do not want to bamboozle you. We want to give you a fair chance to try our services Risk-Free!

You can get on a plan of your choice and keep enjoying our services for 14 days. If you feel we are not suited to your needs, we reimburse you the entire amount you purchased our plan for. Ain’t that amazing?

Get liberated with Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling always comes to the rescue when you are stuck at a location with signal blockages or weak reception. We understand how important it is for you to be able to make calls or messages anytime anywhere.

Based on your needs we offer Wi-Fi calling feature on our GSM LTE network that enables you to make calls and send texts via a strong Wi-Fi-connection rather than your carrier network without paying any extra charges! Interested in knowing more about this cool feature? Satisfy your curiosity about Wi-fi calling here.

A foolproof formula to avoid dull Voicemails

You pick up your phone after an important meeting and there it is! The one thing you dread the most. 12 missed calls that eventually went to voicemail.  Now we know you would rather watch paint dry than listen to the monotonous rambles, meanwhile ensuring you do not miss out on anything important. Well, while we cannot entirely relieve you from this distress, we can significantly reduce the agony for you.

We at US Mobile offer the facility of voicemail transcript a.k.a Visual Voicemail that allows you to scroll, skip, and delete your voicemail as desired. Now on our Super LTE network, the 12 missed calls will not be terrifying anymore! You can fiddle around with them in a matter of seconds.

Combat limited Wi-fi signals with hotspot

While there may be public Wi-fi options available for you to use on the go, we all can agree on how unsafe they can be. Moreover, you are limited to use the tiny screen of your phone to make those important work reports at a café while drinking coffee or taking a bus ride to your office.

We at US Mobile provides the facility of connecting your mobile hotspot to laptops or tablets without having to rely on a restricted Wi-fi signal. With ludicrous speeds on our networks, you can enjoy high-speed, workable internet over hotspot at your convenience! Here’s how you can Turn your phone into a hotspot.

US Mobile hotspot with best connectivity

Things to do while waiting to connect to US Mobile customer support

Absolutely nothing! Because we connect to you before you even know it. US Mobile is highly popular amongst netizens for its befitting plans, affordable rates, extensive network coverage and no bondages or contracts.

But one thing we are deeply proud of and lauded for is our highly skilled, top-notch customer support team! You will always be connected to a real human via email, chat or call who will be eager to help you in the best way possible. You will not be able to stop from pinching yourself when you try to reach out to us and get connected to a friendly human at the oddest time possible.

Here is what Moses the Trainer has to say about our stellar customer support:

After struggling trying to find the perfect carrier the search is over. These guys are fast when it comes to customer service and they never leave you hanging.

Everything is so fast and you don’t even have to work hard at switching, the whole process is online. No waiting around. Amazing. Thank you, guys, for being the best.”

Do you hear the song “I’ll be there for you…(F.R.I.E.N.D.S)”  playing in your subconscious? Yes, that is us for you! Hop on to US Mobile to experience the fabulous customer support available for your assistance 24/7.

Stop losing your number and focus on snoozing it

Snooze is what we call the best of both worlds at US mobile. On one hand, you will not be able to use our services and do not want to pay for renewed plans. However, you do not want to leave our US Mobile family for the time duration you are away.

How about you snooze your line with us? We will make sure your number stays with us while you are away without having to pay for plans you’re not going to use. Sounds like a win-win situation? Of course, it does!

Snoozing plans with US Mobile

eSIM is more important than you think

US Mobile is proud to be amongst those few MVNOs who offer eSIM services! We know our customers simply adore our services while being in the US. Therefore, we feel we should also stay connected when you plan to travel abroad.

We do not want to leave you struggling for reliable services in a foreign land that are pricey for a monthly usage. Therefore, our eSIMs will allow you to stay connected with your loved ones via Data services.

We can see you nodding your head in agreement. Let’s see how it works!