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We’ve all been there—trying to find that one bar in the conference room to dial into a meeting, losing your friends in the subway because they couldn’t call you to let you know that they are grabbing the next train, or only hearing every other word on a call with mom in your house. These issues are caused by dead zones, which are essentially locations that signals from carrier towers cannot reach because of barriers like thick walls, a few feet of earth above you, metal doors, etc.

We hate dead zones. That’s why we are getting rid of them from your office, home, and everywhere in between, by expanding our indoor coverage with WiFi calling. The only difference from regular calls is that your phones essentially use the internet from your WiFi to connect to the carrier’s core network instead of using the cell towers. You can call or text anyone from anywhere. You can read about the finer points of how WiFi calling works over here.

WiFi calling had been one of the most requested features and we’re delighted that we can fill this last-mile connectivity gap with an innovative solution. This is just one more step towards our ambition of making connectivity modern and seamless.

How does it work?

All you need to do is turn on WiFi calling on your device. It will start working automatically once it’s turned on: all you need is WiFi. Here are the instructions for turning it on for Android and iOS.

Let’s take a look at how WiFi originated to better understand how WiFi Calling works!

The history of WiFi

What are the benefits of WiFi Calling?

  1. No extra apps needed
    Unlike other VoIP solutions like Skype, or Whatsapp, WiFi Calling doesn’t need any app. Once it’s activated in your phone settings, it’s automatic. You dial other people normally, and it shows up on your regular dialer, and calls appear in your regular call history.
  2. No change to your bill
    Wi-Fi calling won’t cost you anything extra. Calls and texts come out of your monthly plans as normal. Your bill stays the same.
  3. Seamless handoffs between WiFi calling and VoLTE
    You’ll be able to start your call over WiFi at home, and as you step outside your call will seamlessly transition over to our 4G and 5G network, where available.
  4. Way more coverage everywhere
    You can now connect from more places than ever, and even make calls from places you never thought were possible—make calls from the back office, the basement, or even the subway.
  5. Connect Anywhere. Even from outside the US
    Make calls and send messages for the same price you pay at home anywhere in the world as long as you have WiFi calling.

  1. Hi,

    I’m currently overseas and would like to try your eSIM feature. Does the wifi calling setup need to be performed in US, or with the eSIM it can be set up while being overseas?

    Also, does the eSIM support sharing another line’s cellular data to use wifi calling?

    Last, when is iphone 13 pro max be supported for the eSIM?


  2. Is it still true that wifi calling for Super LTE will be added soon? I live in a rural area with poor signal and need wifi calling. Will it be added in 2021?

  3. Ohh no, Did I make a mistake signing up? I had an issue with a MVNO on the pink carrier and was looking for someone who does the Red service, but I also know there are a few places that I really need the ability to do Wifi Calling?
    I saw you said that it will be later by the end of the year, It is November, do we see that coming soon?
    I really do not want to have to port my number out again.

  4. Hi! I’m thinking of getting a US mobile plan but only if I can do wi-fi calling. There’s only one bar of intermittent cell phone service at my house so calls drop all the time on Cricket, Verizon, AT&T. How can I tell if I’d have access to wi-fi calling if I sign up with US Mobile?

    I’m getting an unlocked iphone if that helps answer it.

    1. Our GSM LTE has WiFi calling. As long as you;re on a Wifi network you can make calls over Wifi.

  5. I am on the super LTE network right now on iOS. USMobile says it supports wifi calling on GSM network, does this include iOS or just android? If were to upgrade my iOS phone to GSM would wifi calling work or is iOS the problem?

    1. It should work. Just make sure you’re using a newer GSM SIM. You can get one for free with the code FREEBLOGSIM.

  6. Hi,

    I am a customer on the Super LTE network with an iphone and obviously do not have Wifi Calling because it is the VZN network (big red CMDA provider).

    Is it possible to change my number to the GSM network of TMUS (pink company)? Without changing SIM cards etc.?

    Thank you

    1. Unfortunately, you cannot get GSM service on a Super LTE SIM. You can reach out to support who’ll be able to send you a free GSM SIM Kit to start the transition process.

  7. Wifi calling is very important to me, I will definitely switch when you have it available on your super LTE network. What is your projected eta for this feature?

      1. Is this timeline for wifi calling on super lte still the plan? When can I expect to see wifi calling on super lte?

  8. It looks like the iOS instruction link is blank right now, do you have an updated URL? Or is iOS still unsupported?

  9. Iphone link above isn’t linked to anything. How do you set up wifi calling on iphone with GSM? I put in my card and it isn’t showing up. It shows up with my LTE card, but then it can’t connect because it isn’t offered yet. PLEASE give us this option. Our house is old so signal is poor, even in a 5G covered area. We have a mesh network in our house just to boost our wifi signal for laptops and TVs.

    1. So you’ll need a newer GSM LTE SIM to get WFC on your iPhones. Please reach out to our support to get a free one shipped to you.

  10. So if I have the super lte network and I switch on WiFi calling it asks me to setup my address with Verizon but then when it loads the web site on Safari it produces an error saying site not found on Verizon. Is that because WiFi calling not supported on the iPhones?

          1. Can’t wait. I have a very weak indoor signal.
            Thinking about porting to GSM but if it’s’ coming soon, I may wait it out.
            Please make the announcement as soon as it’s available.

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