Lost Service on Rok Mobile?

Lost Service on Rok Mobile?

ROK Mobile seemingly abruptly stopped service on their CDMA network as confirmed by Fierce Wireless, Best MVNO and others. This left many of their customers stranded without service.

If you’re a stranded Rok Mobile customer, here’s what you do?

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. If you want to keep using your phone you’ll need to find carriers that are compatible. Sites like Whistleout, and Best MVNO have recommendations. Our Super LTE network is also compatible.
  3. If you want to keep your phone number you’ll need to port out your number from Rok. You’ll need your account number and PIN from Rok. And, unless you’ve changed them, this is how you get it:
    • Account Number: Your ROK Mobile phone number
    • PIN Number: Last 4 digits of your ROK Mobile phone number
  4. Before you switch you should consider all the plan options there are available. You can check out US Mobile’s Unlimited Plans that offer more data for better prices. Plus, we’re offering all Rok Mobile customers that were stranded a free Starter Kit and 50% Off their first month. Just use the promo code ROK during checkout.

We’re sorry to hear that Rok Mobile is shuttering their services on that network, but we’re happy to help any of their customers who still need phone service on their devices with the

img source: Best MVNO