Banner with colorful icons of man and woman using their phone in their homes with Wifi Calling

Powerful updates to GSM: WiFi Calling on iPhones and Visual Voicemail for all

The past 18 months have been marked by unprecedented change and entirely new “normals emerged”, and the way that people connect and communicate has rapidly evolved. 

At US Mobile, we rapidly scaled our product and engineering teams, and focused all our efforts across our connectivity solutions that radically change how our users connect and communicate. As people were constrained to life indoors, our connectivity features and solutions were imperative in helping our customers’ families stay connected while maintaining the seamless, affordable experience that they expected.

We built features and plans, and released updates to make them work better for you. We released our Android, iOS and iPadOS apps, rebuilt our customer support experience and team from the ground up, refreshed our dashboard UX, deployed new data systems and architecture that paved the way for USage Analytics,  launched and iterated on Family plans, Unlimited Bundles, Pooled Plans, introduced fundamentally new ways to connect like eSIM and Wifi Calling and a whole lot more.

Scaling WiFi Calling to more devices.

We launched WiFi Calling for Android on GSM in January. Today, we’re expanding those capabilities to Apple devices as well. WiFi calling on our GSM network has always been one of the most requested features. It solves the last-mile connectivity gap that arises from dead zones, which are essentially locations that signals from carrier towers cannot reach because of barriers like thick walls, few feet of earth above you, metal doors, etc. 

With our WiFi calling you can call or text from that dead zone in the back office and seamlessly transition to our 4G and 5G networks when you step outside. You can also call and text from abroad using your number, with no extra charges.

There are no extra apps to install. All you need to do is turn on WiFi Calling on your phone, and you’re good to go. Calls and texts made over WiFi look just like regular calls and texts. Here are the instructions for turning it on for iPhones. 

iPhones will need to have iOS 14.5 or later installed and SIM cards ordered before June 9, 2021 will need to be swapped with a newer GSM. 

Introducing Visual Voicemail on GSM LTE

Available for all lines now on GSM, Visual Voicemail is the most user-friendly way to easily and quickly see and listen to specific voicemail messages, without having  to dial 123 and then  enter a PIN to get access. 

Also, customers will not have to listen to all their voicemail messages to get to the one they need.  Visual Voicemail lets you see all your voicemail messages in one place and listen to your messages in any order from your phone. Visual Voicemail will also show you the details you need, such as the name or number of the person leaving the voicemail, the date, time and length of the message. 

Just like with WiFi calling, there are no extra apps to install. All you need to do is go to the voicemail app on your phone, and set up a new password