Upgrading to the New iPhone? Simplify the Process with eSIM

Upgrading to the New iPhone? Simplify the Process with eSIM

The introduction of the iPhone 15 signals not just another leap in mobile technology, but also a continuation of the shift toward eSIM capabilities. Gone are the days when shifting from one device to another meant fumbling with tiny SIM cards. However, while Apple has streamlined its devices, transferring to an eSIM can still present challenges.

Apple’s process of moving eSIMs between devices is Hardware defined. This process relies heavily on OEMs, Wireless carriers, and their cooperation. And it also limits line transfer to the same type of phone — for example, Apples to Apples 🙂 This is why most eSIM-equipped carriers other than US Mobile will struggle to transfer service from their customers’ physical SIM to an iPhone 14 or other eSIM phones. 

To allow eSIM to live up to its promise of unshackling consumers  – the movement of eSIMs from one device to another must be software-defined. A solution defined and executed on a software level can allow the transfer to be agnostic of device, carrier, and SIM type and scales to much broader use cases.

The US Mobile app enables users to transfer an eSIM line in the following ways:

  • Apple to Android
  • Android to Apple
  • eSIM to eSIM
  • Physical SIM to eSIM
  • eSIM to physical SIM

This also greatly reduces the complexity for consumers switching between devices, SIM, and/or networks. That’s why US Mobile’s solution for transferring eSIMs is software-defined.

Seamless Transition to Your New iPhone with eSIM

Transitioning from a physical SIM to an eSIM, or even between eSIMs, should be straightforward. Here’s how you can make the leap when upgrading to your new iPhone:

  1. Sign in to the US Mobile app
  2. Tap on the number that you’d like to transfer to eSIM.
  3. Tap on Transfer Line to eSIM.
  4. Tap on Start Transfer.
  5. Enter your new device’s IMEI to confirm compatibility.
  6. Tap on Continue with Transfer.
  7. In the next step enter your phone number and your device’s eSIM IMEI.

This process remains consistent whether you’re shifting from an iPhone, Android, or any other supported device. Here’s what that looks like on different types of phones:

Pushing the Boundaries of Connectivity

eSIM promises a connectivity experience that is seamless, secure, and flexible. And we’re getting there. At US Mobile with eSIM we’ve been taking every step as early as possible to help build this future of connectivity. We’re a market leader in introducing eSIMs to the broader public. Bringing eSIMs directly to our customers as soon as possible, listening to their feedback, and continuing to iterate on it is what allows us to build the future of connectivity. 

Join the future and save

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