Are you a University Student? Get a Free SIM card!

Student Discount

Today we’re launching an exclusive student discount; We are happy to announce that ALL college students are eligible to a free US Mobile SIM card!

US Mobile was originally founded by a student for other students. It all started 10+ years ago when founder Ahmed Khattak set foot on Yale’s campus as a freshman only to find that getting a cell phone plan in the US was unnecessarily cumbersome. After graduating from Yale, Ahmed decided to solve this problem by launching US Mobile. His dream was to provide excellent coverage, free international text messaging and 4G LTE data speeds.

We offer cell phone plans customized for students

At US Mobile we know how important it is for you to keep in touch with your loved ones and new friends on campus. That is why we’re offering universities a student discount. You can pick up a US Mobile SIM card from the International Student Services Offices of our University Partners.  Another alternative is to email us and we’ll send a SIM card to you. Visit: www.usmobile.com/student-discount for more information.

If you’re a Student Services Offices’ representative and you want to become a partner, please email help@usmobile.com with the subject line: “University Partner”.

Why take us up on the student discount?

We believe your cell phone provider should offer simplicity and value. That’s why we’re offering customizable plans so you just pay for what you use.

We hope you will enjoy your time on campus and your new provider!

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