Unlimited Plans Mix & Match

Unlimited Plans Mix & Match

Since the launch of our Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Premium plans, we have seen a tremendous number of customers joining us from other carriers or coming back to try out our improved service, a testament to the diligent work this past year introducing the most premium features and capabilities in the market — like 5G, eSIM, WiFi Calling, and Premium Data — to build our flagship products.

We were also blown away by the amount of customer feedback we received from the initial plan launch. Some of our customers went so far as to create spreadsheets to analyze the impact of our recent plan changes. That’s why we wanted the community here to be the first to know about some of the quality-of-life changes coming to these new plans.

Starting today, we will allow customers to mix and match their multi-line discounts across Unlimited Premium and Unlimited Basic.

Basically, you no longer need to have all of your lines be on Premium or Basic to take advantage of the family discounts. For example, if you have two Unlimited Premium lines and one Unlimited Basic line, each line would be discounted by the multi-line discount.

This change will make it much easier for our customers to customize which type of Unlimited plan you pick for each member of your family and switch between plans from month to month.

Best of all, you shouldn’t need to do anything to see the savings rack up. The additional savings will automatically be reflected in your next AutoPay.

Again, as promised, all of our existing customers will still be able to remain and enjoy all the benefits (including being able to add new lines or add hotspot!). But starting today, we are ending the grace period we extended to new customers (or existing customers on one of our non-unlimited plans) to join us on our legacy Unlimited All plan.

Also, since I know customers will ask, perks will remain a benefit for Unlimited Premium, so you will still need 3 or more Unlimited Premium lines to qualify for our perks like HBO Max or Spotify.

I know this is getting boring, but I have to repeat it: we love this community and you folks. You are the gift that keeps on giving. We hear all your feedback — both negative and positive — and try to incorporate it into our roadmap where we can.

We have some exciting features coming up in the next quarter, including a totally re-imagined app experience. It will be faster, have some amazing features, and introduce a game-changing referral program, and I mean it when I say game-changing and native international roaming in addition to the esim international data plans and multi-tenancy.