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Why are US Mobile’s Plans so Inexpensive?

If you’re with one of the bigger carriers, you could be paying $70 per month for your mobile phone. US Mobile’s mission is to offer inexpensive cell phone plans, and the average customer is paying less than $20 per month. Switching would mean that you save around $600 per year. Sounds good right? Let’s take a closer look at how we manage to offer a great service at a lower price than our competitors.

Just pay for what you need

The first question you should ask yourself is if you’re paying for things you don’t use? With unlimited plans, it’s likely that you’re paying for more talk, text or data than you actually use. Have a look at your last bill to see how much you really use. Based on that information, you can see how much a custom plan would cost at US Mobile. Our matrix offers no less than 252 different plans.

Inexpensive Cell phone plans

Pick the talk, text and data plan you need and calculate how much you would save by switching. In case your first plan isn’t perfect, you can always change to a different plan next month.

You’re in total control

When you join US Mobile you get a login to a personal dashboard. As you login you will get an instant overview of your usage and how much you have left of your plan.

Dashboard Inexpensive Plans

If you consistently have to buy addons in the middle of the month, it might be more inexpensive to buy a larger base package the next month. And vice versa, if you’re not using all the talk, text or data that you have purchased, you could go with a smaller plan the coming month. It’s inexpensive AND transparent.

Don’t put up with hidden fees

Isn’t it funny when you think you’re going to pay one amount and then you get to pay another 30% in hidden taxes and fees? No, it’s not and you shouldn’t allow that to happen. Your bill with US Mobile is made up of three different components:

  • Your plan, consisting of talk, text and/or data.
  • A $2 monthly service fee, which you could call a “line fee”. If you go to our plans‘ page, this fee is always included automatically no matter what plan you choose.
  • Finally, to be fully transparent, we do have one fee which we don’t mention in our matrix which is the Federal Universal Service Fund. It’s only applied to plans containing minutes and it’s as low as $0.10 if you have the smallest package, up to $0.49 if you have the 5000 minutes plan.

In case you need to top up during a month, you will pay the same amount as the matrix shows. You will never encounter surcharges with us and since it’s prepaid, you will never spend more than what you have budgeted for.

Bring your own device

We encourage our customers to bring their own device. As long as your current phone is unlocked you don’t need to buy a new phone. In case you want a new phone, we do offer unlocked phones in our shop. However, we don’t offer subsidized phones. Other carriers might offer you a “free” phone and in exchange lock you into a multi-year contract and let you pay off the phone every month. We don’t believe in contracts, we want you to able to come and go as you please.

If you do choose to buy a subsidized phone with another carrier, we recommend you to sum up how much the total payments amounts to. Often you’ll end up paying more over the course of two years compared to if you had paid for the phone upfront.

The first fix isn’t for free

We never try to “upsell” our customers, we just want you to pay for what you need and will use. Another thing we don’t do is offer limited discounts in order to convince you to join us. Our prices are consistently low and new customers don’t get a better deal at the expense of existing loyal customers.

How to lower your phone bill

As if these affordable plans weren’t enough, we regularly post tips and tricks on how to make your phone bill even cheaper. Here are two of our readers’ favorites:

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