What is an eSIM? Why is it Better for Consumers?

iPhone eSIM

We talked about how eSIMS were going to be a game changer for customers last year. And our predictions were right it seems. Apple has added eSIMs into their latest phones, and they’ve been using that technology in watches since they launched the Series 3 in September last year. But what is an eSIM? Short for”embedded SIM” (also called eUICC), an eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan from a carrier without having to use a physical SIM card.

Why would manufacturers Switch to eSIMs?

For phone manufacturers, there are two reasons why they’d want to switch to eSIMs.

1. Better design

Physical SIM cards are mostly useless plastic and the actual working part of the SIM is that tiny metal strip. Removing that tiny bit of plastic means that phone can be a tiny bit thinner.

Size comparison between mini, micro, nano and eSIMs

And as phones and devices get smaller and thinner each tiny little bit of space counts. There’s also the housing, reader, and tray that are needed with physical SIM cards. Manufacturers can eke out a bit more space as well. Plus, removing slots and openings from any device’s shell make it less likely to be compromised by water or dust.

2. Better experience for device owners

In Apple’s case, they decided to use all that extra space to add Dual SIM options to their options. This allows them to deliver a much better experience for their customers.

Here’s why eSIMs are better for consumers:

Picking secondary carrier with an eSIM

1. You’ll be able to change carriers without having to get a new SIM. You can change carriers or your plan in your phone settings. This means less time speaking with carriers, and ordering and waiting for new SIMs. Software does everything.

2. No more having to deal with cutting SIM cards, or finding adapters

3. With eSIMs and dual SIMS, you can have two plans from two different carriers. This means you can:

  • Use one number for business and another number for personal calls.
  • Add a local data plan when you travel outside of the country or region.
  • Have separate voice, text and data plans.

With that being said, if you need a second number with a more basic plan, or want to buy talk, text or data separately you should take a look at some of our plans. They start at only $4/month.

image sources: Apple, GSM Arena

What is an eSIM? Why is it Better for Consumers?
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What is an eSIM? Why is it Better for Consumers?
Apple has added eSIMs into their latest phones, and they've been using that technology in watches since they launched the Series 3 in September last year.
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6 thoughts on “What is an eSIM? Why is it Better for Consumers?”

  1. chaodoze says:

    Will you be supporting the eSIM on Apple Watch?

  2. Hubert Farnsworth says:

    Biggest issue with using eSIM in phones is that every time you change handsets you have to deal with letting your carrier know. With a regular sim card, you just insert into the new phone, NO discussion or interaction with the carrier.

    Sure, this could be an automated portal, but I can see all the major carriers deciding to charge a fee every time you do an eSIM transaction.

    I really don’t see how using eSIM would make using a local carrier easier while traveling. Sounds like you’d have to deal with having your primary carrier reprogram the eSIM once you get back…

  3. Funny world. Reading it after IPhone for first time announced dual sim mobiles.
    In India we have 4 sim mobile, manufactured by Chinese companies.

  4. j2 says:

    Canadian visiting the US for a conference in December, an eSIM prepaid for data would be ideal. Will this be available?

    How would I order this? It looks like right now the site assumes I need to order the welcome package.


  5. santoshsamy says:

    The feature about the multiple profiles is great. Usually I use a Dual Sim phone for this. Regarding this aspect, eSIM is perfect for me.

  6. santoshsamy says:

    eSIM is good to me. Multiple profiles is better. Business persons who travel across countries, benefit a lot.

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