The all-new carrier experience. Available today on iOS & Android.

Introducing a new app for a new world of connectivity.

Since launching the first version of our app using tech called PWA (Progressive Web App) in 2019, we’ve released hundreds of upgrades. Today, we’re launching the most significant update to our app yet.

We built our previous iOS app using PWA (Progressive Web App). We’re using React Native for our new, lightning-fast app. One of the core benefits of React Native is that it will continue to allow us to share code between our iOS and Android apps. By unifying our development, we can focus our bandwidth on building features rather than developing separately for both platforms. As a result, you can expect more features to become available even faster.

Our users are connecting more devices than ever with growing and varying needs, so we redesigned the app to make it easier to find the right plans, perks, and features. Since users are managing more lines, we introduced new ways to organize and personalize your dashboard. And finally, we’re bringing a little retro gaming charm to the experience with our rendition of Snake.

Greater discovery at faster speeds.

The way we keep connected has changed dramatically. However, phone plans have remained virtually the same for nearly 40 years — you select a network and a one-size-fits-all plan. While those plans may have worked for a few dozen devices and use cases, there are now millions more.

Our mission has always been to make connectivity more accessible and delightful. We invested in infrastructure that allows you to quickly create different combinations of plans, perks, and features. Through our plan offerings and Usage Analytics, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of customers to better understand their connectivity needs and save more money.

Two iPhones side by side display the Line Details screen and Usage overview, which shows a bar chart with data usage.

That’s why we redesigned the app and organized it to make it easy to discover awesome features you might not know existed. Not only is it laid out in way that anyone could understand, but it’s incredibly snappy, loading up information in milliseconds.

We’re hoping that people will find even better plans for themselves and their families, and be able to take advantage of all the features we continue to share. 

More personalization. More you. 

The new US Mobile app has personalization at its core. Our very own u/engineer_us_mobile can attest to that. The new app is designed to understand your preferences and then personalize the experience to meet your needs.

Multiple lines with quickly accessible information like remaining talk, text and data.

The app can offer up roaming plans (complimentary on Unlimited Premium) when you travel abroad. It can detect if a dead zone can be busted with WiFi Calling and ask you to enable it. By using your preferences and choices to make tailored recommendations, our app will start to feel like a phone concierge in your pocket. 

For your eyes only

We’ve added Biometric Authentication that’ll take advantage of your phone’s hardware to secure your info inside the US Mobile app. For example, when you open the app on iPhone, you can opt to use Face ID to log in quicker than ever. This is yet another powerful security upgrade in our continued effort to improve security for our users.

Introducing a new app for a new world of connectivity.
The first time you use Biometric Authentication, you’ll be prompted with this screen to help you access your account even quicker.

The app of the future with games of the past.

The classic game Snake, running on the US Mobile app.

Starting today, our members can play (and vie for the highest score) on our version of the iconic Snake game. We’re aiming to curate a library of nostalgic games that will offer something for everyone. Why are we doing this? Frankly, getting to this point where we have the talent and technical infrastructure is super exciting, and we just wanted to showcase what’s possible for a cellular carrier.

But these games aren’t just for fun. Top players will be rewarded with amazing prizes!

These prizes are in the works and will be announced in more detail soon. Plus, we’re going to make it easy for you to boast about your high scores while adding new games, too. So stay tuned.

We’re excited to hear how you enjoy this new US Mobile experience. From the major visual overhauls to the super-small details, we hope you love it as much as we do. Let us know what you think on the subreddit! And don’t forget to show off your high scores in the Snake game.

Coming Soon!

Consolidated connectivity across your family, devices, and team.

Instead of having different plans with different billing dates for all your phones, numbers, and devices, US Mobile will allow you to get one bill for all your lines. 

Family Sharing

Family sharing will make it easy for you to add multiple lines to your account and allow multiple people to manage those lines independently. Though this had started as a business-only feature, we are looking forward to prosumerizing the rest of the lines.