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All You Need To Know About Prepaid Plans

Prepaid Plans

What is Prepaid?

Prepaid cell phone service is the process of paying for your cell phone service at the start of your billing cycle. Meaning that if you switched to a prepaid carrier on November 1st, you would pay for your service until December 1st, on November 1st. In contrast, with postpaid or traditional phone plans, you would get your bill for your phone plan/charges on December 1st.

Evolution of Prepaid

Prepaid phone plans had come a long way from when it first started. In the beginning, people use “pay-as-you-go” interchangeably to describe prepaid service. You also had to top-up using prepaid cards that were both in stores such as 7-11 to add minutes or texts to your account.

Now companies offer automatic refills or auto-pay, and you can check your usage right from your user dashboard. Prepaid has evolved to the point where it’s even easier to use than postpaid plans. No need to spend hours in person or on the phone trying to figure out what phone you can get, what plans to choose, and what your phone bill means. Now, most prepaid carriers allow you to bring whatever GSM phone you’d like and customize your plan to your needs. Since prepaid plans are no contract, you can also cancel at any time.

How Prepaid Works Out Cheaper than Postpaid

Postpaid cellphone service is the type of contractual service you find with traditional carriers. In these cases, you might be locked in for 2 years at a set price. Usually, this entitles you to discounts on your phone’s upfront cost, or you get it for free. However, your monthly plan is often much higher, and you cannot change your plan/services freely.

With prepaid carriers like US Mobile, you can bring your own phone or buy an unlocked phone from us. Since we don’t subsidize your phone cost, we pass those savings down to you with our ridiculously cheap monthly plans. Our prepaid plans are as low as $4 per month and are fully customizable to your needs. If something changes and you realize you don’t need 1000 minutes, but you need 200 minutes, you can change your plan next month without any issues. Since there is no contract, if you’re unhappy or move out of the US, you can cancel at any time. No hard feelings!

Big Savings

Many of our customers told us they save hundreds of dollars every year by switching to US Mobile. For example, our customer named Don saved $500 a year by switching to US Mobile and only paying $5 a month for 200 minutes. Don realized that he was always around Wi-Fi, so he didn’t really need a data plan and didn’t talk that much. Don said he saved $500 a year because a typical carrier contract would have been $50 per month.

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If you want to know more about prepaid plans, we’re available 24/7 on chat, phone, or email. Reach out, and a real person is standing by to answer all your questions.