US Mobile Strives to Offer the Best Customer Service in the Industry

US LogoUS Mobile is all about freedom. We offer our customers complete freedom when it comes to customizing their cell phone plans so that you can stop paying for the data, talk and text that you don’t use.

But US Mobile is also all about freedom when it comes to our Customer Service. Our team is ready to answer questions and help with requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — and the average wait time is under 30 seconds. So you are free to get back to your day quicker and stay connected for longer.

In an industry where Customer Service is traditionally irksome, US Mobile strives to do things differently. At US Mobile we put Customer Service at the forefront and in doing so Aircall has become an important partner for us. Aircall allows our team to deliver awesome phone support instantaneously.

David Port featured US Mobile’s partnership with Aircall in the latest issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.

“Early last year, Ahmed Khattak launched US Mobile, a provider of no-contract, no-frills cellphone service aimed at college students, seniors and other low-usage customers. And yet, he struggled to find a good phone system for in-house staff at his Connecticut headquarters. “You would think we would have had that covered, since we are a telecom company,” he says with a chuckle. But it was truly hard going: Hardware-based and VOIP options were too inflexible, and he was facing the prospect of wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars to make his current in-house system work for his growing company. Meanwhile, he had a business with no reliable way to expand customer support or pull analytic.”

Read about the fix and the full article at Entrepreneur.

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