Diagram showing dimensions of eSIM, Mini SIM, Micro SIM, and Nano SIM

Cutting Your SIM Card Has Never Been Easier


What is a SIM Card?

Without getting too technical, a SIM card is what connects you with your carrier’s network. Without it, your device would be limited to WiFi. The card carries personal information such as phone number, texts, settings, and data. You can easily transfer your SIM from one unlocked device to another. This means that you can take your old SIM card and insert it into your new phone. SIM Cards are most commonly used in the GSM Network. If you prefer to have all this explained as a video instead, check this one out from Techquickie:

SIM Card Sizes

Depending on what kind of phone, or another type of device, you’re plugging your card into there are different sizes to take into consideration. The sizes are called: Mini, which is 25×15×0.76 mm, Micro, measuring 15×12×0.76 mm,  and Nano being 12.3×8.8×0.67 mm. Most phones use mini SIM or micro SIM.

In order to make it simple as possible for our customers to switch between different devices, we’ve already cut your SIM card into three potential sizes. We call it triple-cut, but it’s also known as a “Universal SIM card”.

Cutting a US Mobile SIM Card

There is no need to get a scissor when you get your US Mobile SIM card! Getting the different sizes is super simple as visible in the pictures below! The first picture shows how it looks once you flip it over. Here you’ll, among other things, get your SIM Number which you need in the activation process. If you, gently, put some pressure on the outer ends of the cut-out you’ll end up with a Mini SIM as visible in the second picture. Moving your thumb slightly inwards will get you a Micro sized SIM (picture 4) and using the smallest cut-out will give you the smallest Nano (picture 3).

Cut SIM Card

We encourage you to not throw away the white frames in case you want to change the size again. Since there are no cutting, you can put it together again to a Mini SIM within seconds.

Universal GSM Sim card
SIM Card reassembled

Many of our customers have told us that they’ve plugged in their SIM in an old phone, which might require a different size, in order to give their child an inexpensive phone and phone service. Another area of re-usage is to plug it into your IoT devices such as car, smartwatch, GPS tracker or home security system.